How have the returning professional women in your network continued to develop their business skills?

At least 60% of the women in our network are current professionals who have never left the work force.

About 40% of the women in our network are what we call "returning professionals"--women who voluntarily "opt out" of the work force for an average of 12 years. During their absence from the work force, these women have not been idle. Some women have pursued occasional project work. Many others have been high-level volunteers. The former founder and director of the Stepping Stones Children's Museum, a vice president of the National Charity League, a president of the AAUW, the founder of a national health advocacy association and many very able PTA presidents are just a few examples of women in our network who have applied and continued to develop management and organizational skills in volunteer settings.

As with any new hire at any level, some on the job training could be required. With the caliber of Women@Work Network candidates, however, only a brief "ramp up" period is necessary. The majority of women are graduates of top-tier colleges and universities and many have advanced degrees. Their resumes often include officer-level Fortune 500 and Wall Street experience.