R.E.S.U.M.E. 101

Women@Work's unique resume writing e-guide helps you Remember Every Skill and Underscore Major Experiences! You'll hone in on business skills you've developed in non-profit and for-profit settings and draw from a Resume Thesaurus that is filled with powerful business terms that pack your resume with power.

Interview Revue

"Interview Revue", an e-guide to playing the leading role in the interview that is based on your true life and work story.

Make Your Net-Work

"Make Your Net-Work", an e-guide to avoiding the job-hunter's “Bermuda Triangle”—sending resumes to strangers—and identifying your hidden network of valuable contacts who can lead you to important leads and real jobs.

No Time To Work?

An e-guide for returning professionals who say that they'd like to work, but they could never fit work into their very busy family commitments. A worksheet tracks volunteer time and shows most mega-volunteers that they already have the equivalent of a part-time job! While you're tracking time, you're also tracking business skills to highlight on your resume. (Current professionals can pass this e-guide along to a friend who is contemplating work.)

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