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Woman In Balance Bracelet

The Woman In Balance Bracelet is not just a unique wardrobe accent, it is a refined collection of semiprecious gemstones that promote positive energies, enhance your life and unlock your potential. Based on many years of research and travel to the Far East, designer Cynthia Lowrance Grano, a woman at work, has carefully chosen stones that relate to the pressures and pleasures of daily life, the pursuit of fulfilling and productive work, and the sense of balance and equilibrium that most women seek as they feel pulled in personal, professional and family directions.

Corporate Director Bootcamp

09/16/2009 - 5:00pm
09/16/2009 - 5:59pm

Women@Work has developed an alliance with PartnerCom, a firm that creates and manages Advisory Boards and conducts Corporate Director Searches. We are helping to promote PartnerCom's OnBoard Bootcamp--a program that provides an insider's guide on how to be selected and introduces you to experienced directors and search executives who will share with you "lessons learned" along the way.

Evening NetWORKing 123 Meeting - Wilton, CT

June 23rd, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Whether you’re a returning professional who opted to leave the paid workforce for a period of time or someone who is actively engaged in the job search process we promise that this meeting we will not only help you generate valuable job leads as well expand the Women@Work Network we will also develop your skills once you get your foot in the door.

Many of you ask is this meeting right for me – the answer is simple: Are you ready to look for a full-time or part-time employment? Are you actively engaged in a job search and looking to return to the career they once left behind. Whatever your particular situation might be, this networking meeting will be an opportunity to share insights and ideas about the return to work process.

The main purpose remains the same which is to help you generate valuable job leads and as well as help us expand the Women@Work Network. The more women in our networks, the more help you can offer each other, the more opportunities we can find, and more women can place into new positions.

What Happens at the Event:
As we’ve done in the past, each attendee makes a 60-second self-introduction better known as an elevator speech. This speech should quickly outline your background, the kinds of opportunities you are seeking, the specific help you would find most beneficial and the specific help you can offer. This is very good practice for any job seeker, since you should always be able to quickly articulate who you are and what you are seeking to anyone who is willing to listen.

As you tell the other attendees about your specific needs and interests, they will be taking notes, thinking about whom they know and whom you should know, too. Now, after the introductions come to a close a member of Women@Work's recruiting team will privately provide you with valuable feedback and tips on your “elevator speech”. Meanwhile, you get the chance to personally connect with the other women in attendance. When the meeting is over, you are sure to leave with not only suggestions on perfecting your 60-second introduction but also a wealth of networking connections--including at least a few golden leads.

This session is free to members; $25 for non-members. Non members register by adding this item to your cart. Members register by contacting Eliza Shanley.


The new Women@Work tote bag, a sturdy carry-all with an attractive, professional appearance that can travel from gym to office to volunteer board meeting to school event.

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